catfight story : First Catfight

My First Catfight

It was an unusually warm August night and we had been at the camp drinking around the bonfire. The red neck campers next door were more than a little obnoxious. I decided to go over and ask them to keep it down a bit. I was confronted by a very butch girl who was not too pleasant and told me to fuck off. I called her a cow and pushed me hard.

She had short black hair, tattooed and looked like she weighed at least 150lbs and 5'5" tall. Her halter top showed some pretty strong looking arms. She was definately much bigger than me... I am a firey red head, but smaller at 5-3 115bs. I was dresses in cut offs and a mid-riff t-shirt. While I am smaller than her, I am however in great shape.

I was going to leave with my tail between my legs but my husband said, "don't let her push you around". Our other friends and the rednecks at the butch girl's camp hooted and egged us on.

I dont know if it was the beer or my husbands enthusiam, but I turned and ran at her... it was like hitting a wall. Ramming her like that didn't really knock her back much at all. Instead, she tackled me and we fell to the ground with her landing on top.

I managed to roll over but quickly wound up on my back again. She sat down hard on my stomach and she definately felt heavy, alot like a bulldozer. I could feel her heavy ass sitting right on top of my lower belly, centered on my belt buckle. She managed to get my arms pinned under her knees amd I could not twist or move. Funny the things that go through your mind... I imagined having a big oval shape from my belt buckle pressure printed onto my skin. At first sat there smiling. I told her, "get off me you fat cow!" Then started ryhtmically slapping me across the face. The stinging was starting to intensify.

I managed to get an arm free to try to protect my face. I guess while trying to protect myself, my hand got caught in her top, and her boobs were out and swinging in my face. The crowd of onlookers, including my stupid husband, let out a whoop.

Needless to say she did not like that very much. The dyke got my arm pinned back down and continued sitting on my stomach. She said, "c'mon... get up". I told her, "I would but you are too fat to move." She laughed and gave me some slaps to my tits and a few more to my face. She ripped away my top, pulled me up off the ground and told me to get walking.

I walked back to our camp feeling glad it was over, but also glad I stood up to her. If I fight someone again though, I hope it against someone not as heavy.