mixed wrestling story - First Semi-Competitive Match

I had not tried a semi-competetive match before but had developed an interest after viewing some videos online. I searched around for someone who looked friendly but still tenacious. I read that Karen was coming to my city and after a couple of emails, we set up a meeting. The day finally came and I called her to confirm our time and I greatly enjoyed Karen’s voice… very welcoming and playful. She said, “I can’t wait til you get here”. She is a tall, thick black lady with killer legs. She lifts but isn’t cut like bodybuilders. Standing 5’11” and at 185lbs, she is very fit.

I made it to her hotel and had some wild butterflies going on in my stomach. She opened the door and I found her even more exquisite than her photos. She was wearing a white gown with her legs peeking out. Karen gave me a hug as if we had known each other since childhood. I felt at ease with her in no time at all.

Karen had some mats all layed out and ready. We agreed that we would have a spirited match. Karen said, “if you think you can get a hold and keep it, go for it.” She removed her gown and revealed a red bikini, showing her thick legs and muscular but. At three inches taller than me and outweighing me by 20lbs, I was wondering just how likely it’d be that I managed to get much of hold, none the less keep it.

We squared off and she asked, “you ready?”. I nodded and we locked up. Her arms were very strong. I could feel myself going downward as she started to pull me forward and down. I tried to back up but instead, she puller me closer and then kicked my legs out from under me. In a flash, I was on the ground with Karen falling on top of me. She rolled me onto my stomach and sat on my lower back.

I shot my arms under my chest so she couldn’t bend them up behind by back, which she was staring to do. I managed to get to my hands and kneed with her riding my back. I tried to stand up but she wrapped her arms tightly around my torso and pulled me back to the ground, and in the process legs around my waist. I found myself in a powerful scissors. I used my arms to push against her leg. She laughed at my attempts. I began to sweat as I tried to wriggle and push out of the scissors. Karen really poured it on and squeezed quite hard. Her legs are amazing powerful. Perhaps though it was because my skin was getting slippery against hers or perhaps it was just timing, I grabbed and her ankle, pulled it upward and wriggled downwards and out of the scissor hold.

I got to my knees but she was quicker and was already on her feet. Karen tackled me backward and we landed with her flat on top of me with an “oomph”. Within an instant, she was sitting heavily on top of my stomach and I was struggling to keep control of my arms. Several times I bucked up and tried to roll her over sideways. But her balance was too good and each time, her weight came crashing down on my belly. It was like having a load of bricks dropped onto my stomach.

It was not long before she got control of my wrists and pinned them to the floor with her arms. She got a big grin on her face and I knew there was little I could do to get out of this predicament. Karen moved her knees to pin down my arms. She folded her arms across her chest as she sat upright on my stomach. It was pretty obvious that I was totally caught. Karen stated matter of factly, “that was pretty easy. I just might sit here and torment you all day long” and started to laugh. I laughed too.

That is pretty much how our session went. I struggled but each time she managed to catch me in a scissors, pin or head lock from which there was no escape. And I look forward to the next time she comes to town.