Story : Scissors in the Gym

Mixed Wrestling Scissors in the Gym

Sarah was one of those women you notice right away. At 5’5’ and obviously fit, she is a very attractive older blonde at 38 years old. For years she worked as a dancer and always took good care of herself. Once retired from dancing and working behind a desk, Sarah took up weight lifting, paying particular attention to her legs. At 145lbs, she could squat 250lbs. When pumped, her legs were clearly impressive. She always looked great at the gym and this day, she wore a red tank top, blue workout shorts and a white weight lifter belt. Brad was the sort of guy who liked to feel superior to people. At 29 years old, 5’8” and 170lbs, he was not massive but in strong shape and no stranger to the gym.

He noticed Sarah doing squats and said, “that is impressive… for a girl”. Sarah smirked and reminded him, “it is just what I do”. Brad said it is great that she can perform so well in the gym but in real life, her strength really isn’t of much use. Sarah told Brad, “you as usual don’t know what you are talking about”. Brad went on to try to lecture Sarah about wrestling and she was just wishing he’d go the hell away. Brad sensing that Sarah was getting tired of this, said to Sarah, “come on then, put me in a hold and I can get out of it”. Sarah said, “you are on!”

There was a large mat at the back of the gym and Sarah told Brad, “get down and I will teach you about scissors”. Brad laughed like it was the funniest thing he had ever heard. He sat down and said, “bring it on”. Sarah stepped around behind him. Placed her legs around his neck and then sat down, pulling Brad backwards. She applied pressure to the sides of Brad’s neck with her thighs. At first Brad was trying to pass it off saying, “is that all you got?” Sarah squeezed tighter and Brad abruptly stopped talking. In fact, he grabbed at Sarah’s ankles in a reflex to try to pull them off.

By this time, some of the other people working out headed back to see what was going on. They were quite amused. Cassie asked, “ok you guys... what are doing back here?” Sarah said to her, “I am teaching Brad how to apply scissors and how useable a woman’s strength is”. The crowd got a chuckle out of that. Brad mumbled, “I did let her get me here”. Cassie asked him, “then why don’t you break free?” Brad was turning bright red both from the predicament and the python legs wrapped around him. He was now determined to break the hold and he pulled with all of might on Sarah’s legs, trying to pry them apart. But it was not working. The veins on his head started to really bulge and Sarah said, “it looks like you are about to pass out cold” as she let go.

Brad was obviously relieved and let out a moan as his head was let free. Sarah remained laying on her back, propped up on her elbows. Brad got up to his knees looking down at her. Sarah asked him if he had learned anything. Of course he hadn’t and Brad said, “that really is not very meaningful as I let you get the scissors on me” Sarah threw her head back and laughed as she said, “I could take you even if I put up a sign with the time and date I was coming!”

Brad dove forward landing on top of her. Seizing Sarah’s arms, Brad pulled himself up and sat down hard on top of Sarah. It was a quick surprise move. Cassie and the group started forward and Sarah said, “don’t! I’ll deal with this”. Brad said, “see what I told you? All that working out doesn’t do much good when your opponent doesn’t make it easy” Sarah sneered to Brad, “get the fuck off me or I am going to make you suffer badly”. Brad looked down at her and laughed. It was clear he was not about to get up. Sarah planted her feet and bucked upwards, making Brad slide forward. When they came down, Brad was sitting further up on Sarah. This was the room she needed.

Sarah swung her legs up and got her ankles right into Brad’s face. They hit with a meaty thud. Brad let go of Sarah’s arms and grabbed at her legs. But she squeezed and pulled Brad backward with a bang. Sarah then rolled over so that Brad was face down with Sarah’s legs around his neck.

She maneuvered herself so that her thighs were around his neck and legs locked at the ankles and poured on the pressure. Brad was again turning red. He was frantically trying to pull her legs apart and twist free. Instead, Sarah tightened her legs even more. Brad groaned in agony. She asked him, “see you dumbass, are you now going to say I let you put these scissors around your neck this time?” Brad gurgled out, “no… I won’t”. Sarah was enjoying the moment and said, “I am thirsty... I might just keep poor Brad here while I sip a nice quart of water”. The group was laughing again as Cassie gave Sarah her’s.

After several minutes of this, Brad was turning a bright and very scary crimson as he begged, “ok... you win... please let my head loose”. Sarah gave him one last squeeze making Brad moan in pain and desperation and then let go. Brad’s face flopped to the mat. Sarah flipped him over and sat down on his chest. She looked down at the exhausted Brad, grabbed him by the hair and told him, “don’t you ever try to lecture me about wrestling ever again”. Sarah got up and the group laughed and cheered.