wrestling story : Hawaiian Encounter

When you were young, did you ever have an infatuation with an older and bigger girl? Did you wonder what it would be like if she were to take you down to the ground and sit on your chest with her strong thighs encasing you and firm but pressing on your chest? Those feelings came back as soon as I was in the presence of Kayana. Soon they became quite real.

She opened the door and there stood a gorgeous, dark haired Hawaiian beauty in a white bikini and red gown. Kayana is 6’ tall and weighs 170lbs. She is not ripped like many of the more veteran bodybuilders but she has an intensely feminine and strong build. Her skin is smooth and tan and her face is beautiful with a warm smile. She welcomed me in where she had several mats laid down for our session.

After some very enjoyable small talk (she has a great sense of humor), she asked if I was ready. I stripped down to my gym shorts and said, “as ready as I will be”. Kayana laughed and said, “I won’t torture you too bad”. I replied, “oh please do”. This brought gales of her infectious laughter. She removed her gown and came towards me.

Kayana quickly got one arm around my neck and gripped my left arm. She got her leg behind mine and took me right down to the floor. It was only moments before she had me in a very effective headlock. I am not a weak man and tried to pull her arms off but it wasn’t going to work. She maneuvered behind me, sat down and wrapped her legs around my middle. I tried twisting and turning but it was to no avail. I then attempted to unwrap one of her legs but she then squeezed them even tighter (I was surprised as I thought they were already at maximum). It was obvious that I was trapped. Kayana asked, “do you think you are going to make it out of this?” I realized I wouldn’t and told her, “ok… you got me”. Kayana released me and we both stood.

We faced off and I vowed I would not go down so easily again. We came at each other and wrapped up. Her power is really something else and she bore me backwards, putting me off balance. With a leg behind mine, once again she easily took me down. This time she went right to the leg scissors around my waist. As she faced me, she balanced on her hands with her legs wrapped tightly around me. I managed to get one arm between my torso and her thighs thinking I would be able to pry upwards. This did not work out as planned as I couldn’t get her legs to budge. In fact, it made my predicament worse as I was less mobile. Kayana laughed as I tried to maneuver out.

In one very quick movement, she released her legs and sprang forwards knocking me onto my back. Before I knew it, she had my wrists and she sat her firm but hard on top of my stomach. She easily got my wrists pinned to the floor. I bucked and tried to twist out but there was no way this was going to work. Kayana looked down at me and said, “it looks like you are pretty well grounded”. A few more futile attempts to unseat her and I agreed. She began to taunt me as she asked, “what would you do if I just decided to sit here all day long? I can do it”. I laughed and said, “I suppose you could”. Kayana blurted, “you suppose?” She then used her knees to pin my arms and slid upward so that she was sitting astride my chest.

I used my legs to try to trap her and throw her backwards but instead, she caught them and bent them forward. I was definitely stuck. My legs couldn’t go any further and Kayana let them flop uselessly to the ground. She then slid up a little further so that she was sitting right over my face. She lowered her self down momentarily asking, “now what if I sat here all day long?” This time I said, “I know that you could”. Her move was completely dominating and there was little I could do about it. She then moved back and sat down hard onto my chest again. Kayana laughed and said, “I can do just about anything I want”.

This is pretty much how our match went the entire time. The few times that I felt like I was gaining a measure of control, she would simply move in such a way that I did not expect and easily get out of whatever I was trying. Kayana is very strong and has an extremely effective sense of leverage. Time and time again I would find myself in something such as an unbreakable headlock, scissors or pinned down where she would taunt me.

It was truly an exciting encounter and now I know just what it is like to be overcome by the bigger, sexy girl that we all dreamed about.