mixed wrestling story - Judo Girl

Judo Girl - Submitted at the Office

Jennifer was a very attractive young woman. At 24, blonde, 5’5” and athletic, she was very popular around the office. On dress down Friday’s, she always wore tight jeans and belly revealing blouse. This Friday was no different. Jennifer was also very popular around the office with her warm smile and bubbly personality.

Jennifer was ready a newspaper on her break and it was turned open to an ad for an upcoming UFC match. Mike glanced down and said, “what are you looking at that for? UFC is not for pretty girls. Mike was generally friendly too but he had a bit of a temper at times. At 36, standing 5’11” tall and in shape, he sometimes rubbed people the wrong way. Jenn said, “who are you to tell me what it appropriate for me to read?” Mike said, “it just isn’t you”. “The hell it isn’t”, said Jenn. “I trained in Judo at college”. Mike snapped his head back and laughed, “rolling around a little with other pretty girls hardly qualifies you for the UFC”. Jenn was starting to get irritated by now. She snapped, “I know enough to take your sorry ass”. By now, a small group had formed. Mike said, “don’t write a check your mouth can’t cash”. Jenn told him, “come outside and I’ll cash it”. Mike couldn’t believe it and decided to humor and they both went out into the grassy area by the office.

Jenn looked at him and said, “it isn’t too late to back down you know”. Mike thought he’d simply wrap her up and that would be the end of it. He said, “come on Jenn... cash it”. Jenn grabbed Mike by his shirt, positioned herself, swept his left leg and dumped him on the ground. Mike, surprised, landed with a thud on his back. He laughed and said, “ok... I wasn’t expecting that” and got up. Thinking she do the exact same thing again, he invited her to do it again. But this time, Jenn feinted with a right and then threw him down. Before Mike knew what was happening, she was on him and tied up his arms with a scarf hold.

Mike lay on his back looking up at Jenn while their co-workers laughed. He wrenched his arms free and rolled to his side and then got to his knees. Knowing that Jenn would come at him again, he lunged and landed on top of her. Jenn let out a grunt as she fell to her back. She knew she was trouble and tried to roll him off. But Mike grabbed her arms and sat down hard on her stomach. Mike then pinned her arms to the ground. He couldn’t believe he was out here sitting on top of Jenn with all of the office staff around. She couldn’t believe it either.

Mike looked down at her and said, “now look… you forced this whole mess”. Jenn snarled back, “the hell! you were talking crap about my judo training”. Mike reminded her, “look where that has gotten you now”. This was really pissing Jenn off, not to mention Mike was heavy. Jenn in a quick move bucked upwards and twisted her hips, throwing Mike sideways off her.

Mike got up to a sitting position but Jenn was quicker. She scissored her legs around his mid section and locked her ankles. He could believe how tight it felt. Mike tried to pull her legs apart but it wasn’t working. Jenn mentioned she could squat 200 lbs. and could squeeze even harder. “Don’t believe me?” she asked. Jenn poured it on even more. Mike was experiencing some real agony her and tried even harder to wiggle free. His face was beet red and now he was sweating profusely.

Mike tried to stand up but Jenn maneuvered around to his back and sank her arms around his neck. Once they were really tight, Jenn pulled backwards, stretching Mike outwards. Now he was in real trouble and he knew it. It was hard for Jenn to keep him trapped but she knew Mike couldn’t last much longer if she held on. Jenn through gritted teeth told Mike, “this is a rear naked choke… popular in the UFC”. Mike could feel himself becoming afraid he’d loose consciousness and cried, “OK! OK! Let Go!” Jenn laughed and let him flop to the ground.

Mike rolled onto his to his back and Jenn sat down hard on top of him. She pinned his arms with her knees, grabbed his shirt collar and lightly twisted it across his neck. Jenn looked down into his face and told him, “This is shimewaza. Do you like it?” I could really mess you up with this if I wanted to. If you ever want another lesson, just talk some more crap when I’m trying to read a paper”.

The crew of on lookers laughed along with Jenn as she got up and headed back inside.