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Mat Wrestling Catfight

Ashleigh felt ready for her big match with Keri as she awaited her younger opponent's arrival. Sitting in her home wearing a matching purple silk bra and panty set that she bought for this match and covered by a silk robe, Ashleigh felt confident she would prevail against the woman many perceived to be an up and coming wrestler in their wrestling group. At 29 Ashleigh found herself to be one of the elder stateswoman in this club as she readied herself to meet up with someone who was very much like Ashleigh when she just started the wrestling group. Much like Keri, who has earned the nickname of Killer Keri with some of her impressived victores and has a 15-1 record coming into this match, Ashleigh acquired an impressive win loss record as well as she won her first 24 matches before tasting defeat. And even though her win loss record has not been as impressive since, Ashleigh felt she would be able to teach the neophyte wrestler a thing or two due to her overwhelming experience she has over her younger riv al. Ashleigh's confidence was tempered somewhat however by the fact that Keri had beaten Ashleigh's toughest foe to date, Deb, rather handily, demonstrating that the 24 yo woman was one to be reckoned with in future matches.

Keri arrived promptly at 11. Keri removed her shoes as pleasant greetings were exchanged at the door. Even without her shoes on one could not help but notice the difference in height as Keri's 5'7" frame seemed to tower over Ashleigh's 5'4 frame, nor the nearly 20 lbs in weight advantage Keri as Keri weighed in at 170 lbs compared to Ashleigh's 152 lbs. In fact the only area that Ashleigh was bigger than Keri was in the breast area. Ashleigh took off her robe revealing her eye popping figure, as well as he eye popping 40G chest, as Keri removed her sweater and blue jeans revealing a matching pink bra, which strained to contain Keri's 38DDD, and panties that complemented the younger ladies curvaceous figure. Ashleigh quickly guided Keri to her wrestling room as both women wanted to get this match started right away.

The mood changed as both women walked into the wrestling room. Keri started the action early by pushing Ashleigh into the wall coolly telling her older rival "Let's go bitch!!" Ashleigh did not appreciate Keri's sudden aggressiveness and gave Keri the evil eye as she worked to regain her balance. Keri did not seem phased by Ashleigh's look and lunged at Ashleigh, clamping a side headlock on her shorter opponent. Ashleigh clamped her arms around Keri's waist, partly to try to pry her head loose, also to keep Keri from flipping Ashleigh over her hip to the mats. Keri did not let this deter her as she went to go to her knees, forcing Ashleigh down as well. Ashleigh fought this move but was unable to stop Keri as she had that aformentioned 20 lb weight advantage over Ashleigh. Keri tried to push Ashleigh to her back but was unable to as Ashleigh pried her head loose and escaped Keri's headlock.

Before Keri could react Ashleigh pushed Keri onto the mat. Ashley and Keri rolled around on the mat until Ashleigh got on top of Keri and straddled her younger rival. Ashleigh's advantage did not last long as Keri reached up and pulled Ashleigh's head down, holding Ashleigh's head down close to her limiting Ashleigh's movement. Ashleigh punched Keri's side hoping to get Keri to release her head but it only motivated Keri to squeeze Ashleigh's neck harder, momentarily making it impossible for Ashleigh to breath. Ashleigh, desperate now, reached down and pushed up on the floor hoping to break this deathlock on her neck. Keri immediately chopped the inside of Ashleigh's elbow causing Ashleigh to fall to her right and allowing Keri to flip Ashleigh over while maintaining her hold on Ashleigh's neck. Keri was straddling Ashleigh, making it difficult for Ashleigh to breath as Ashleigh's face began to turn red.

Keri landed two rights into Ashleigh's side as she could smell blood and was going in for the kill. These blows caused Ashleigh to scream out in pain as she was in danger of losing this match quickly. In desperation Ashleigh pulled at Keri's hair, trying with all her might to get Keri off of her. Finally Ashleigh was able to get Keri to remove her arm from Ashleigh's neck. Bridging up Ashleigh bucked hard and caused Keri to lose her balance, causing Keri to fall off Ashleigh. Both females got to their knees and looked at each other, with Ashleigh feeling the worse for the wear as she was absorbing more of the punishment doled out so far.

Both women stood up and circled each other cautiously talking trash to each other in hopes of psyching out her opponent. "In 5 minutes I will be 16-1" Keri coldly stated to Ashleigh who replied, "yeah right hun, don't kid yourself." Ashleigh however did not feel as strong as she hoped as she had to keep reminding herself how she had won her other matches and how she can still win this match despite the fact that it was Keri who was giving out more of the pain. Keri and Ashleigh then took turns slapping each other's face, grabbing each other's hair, probing for weaknesses and breaking off the action as they were cautious and did not want to make a mistake. This time it was Ashleigh who became the aggressor as she pinned the taller Keri against the wall and pressed her forearm into Keri's upper chest. A right hook landed into Ashleigh's side, causing Ashleigh to yell out in pain and fall to one knee. Keri, after a minute of circling her weakened opponent, put her foot onto Ashleigh's shoulder and pushed Ashleigh down to the mat.

Ashleigh was allowed to stand up, which she did, as she circled Keri. At this point of the match Ashleigh was really feeling it as Keri was controlling the tempo of the match as Ashleigh had been unable to sustain any sort of offensive attack. Only personal pride kept the older woman going as her will to win would not let her give up. Ashleigh and Keri got up close and that is where Ashleigh went low on Keri wrapping her arms around Keri's waist. Keri tried to reciprocate but found it impossible to do so without losing her balance and risk falling over. Ashleigh, sensing Keri's problem reached down and grabbed Keri's thighs picking up the younger rival and slamming her to the mats.

Ashleigh straddled the younger woman, put her arms underneath Keri's arms and over Keri's neck. She then moved her chest up and planted it on Keri's face, effectively smothering her younger rival. For the first time Ashleigh had control of the match and she wanted it to be the end of this arduous fight as she pushed her chest roughly into Keri's face trying to make sure Keri would not be able to escape this deadly hold. At first Keri responded by flailing her arms and legs widely hoping to kick her older rival off. This only served to weaken herself and made Ashleigh feel even more confident in achieving victory. Keri then attempted to escape by digging her fingernails into Ashleigh's shoulders as she bridged up. Ashleigh was still able to maintain control as her confidence grew even stronger. However Keri's resolve was stronger than Ashleigh realized as she wrapped Ashleigh's hair with her left hand and jerked Ashleigh's head back hard causing Ashleigh to lose some control of the fight. Keri followed that up with a slap to Ashleigh's face with her free hand. Ashleigh was forced to release Keri's neck and grab Keri's wrists as she did not feel strong enough to take too many more slaps or punches.

Ashleigh was only able to secure one hand however and pin it as she fought valiantly to secure Keri's other hand. Keri kept slapping Ashleigh's cheek with her free hand hoping to turn the tables on her older rival. This had an effect on Ashleigh as she began to feel the effects of the slaps and wanted to find a way to stop this torment. Eventually Keri was able to get her other wrist free causing Ashleigh to get up and start to slap Keri in her face with her free hands. Ashleigh was able to get in some good slaps on Keri's face before Keri connected with a hook to Ashleigh's already sore side causing Ashleigh to fall off of Keri and land on her back, winded, weakened and vulnerable.

Ashleigh was weazing for breath as she was ripe for the taking but Keri got up, moved to the other side of the room and kneeled, taking the time to catch her own breath. Ashley saw the brilliance in this move as Keri made Ashleigh get up and expend more energy going to her. Ashley's resolve was sorely tested as she wondered if she could even win at this point. Only that personal pride that Ashley was feeling earlier in the match motivated Ashleigh for what she did next. Slowly Ashleigh started to get up to her knees, wobbly and weak. Keri got up, walked over to her weakened rival and put her heel on Ashleigh's shoulder, pushing her down to the mats again. Keri looked down at Ashleigh with a smile that betrayed her plan for victory. Keri stood over her rival and dropped down onto Ashleigh's stomach, effectively knocking the wind out of her rapidly weakening opponent. Methodically,Keri leaned over, put her hands behind Ashleigh's head and pulled Ashleigh's head in between her massive mammaries, effectively covering Ashleigh's face from chin to forehead, smothering her face. The last image Ashleigh was allowed to see what Keri's 38DDD chest surrounding Ashleigh's stunned face.

Everything went dark for Ashleigh as her face was completely eclipsed by her opponent's DDD chest. Ashleigh's face was engulfed with flesh as Keri pressed her chest together efficiently covering Ashleigh's mouth and pinching her nose shut tight. Breathing was nearly impossible as Keri made sure to keep Ashleigh's face in her cleavage where there was no way for oxegyn to get to Ashleigh's thirsting lungs. It was Ashleigh's turn to flail madly as she rained ineffective and weak punches on Keri's back as she kicked her legs wildly hoping to unseat her larger but younger opponent. Nothing Ashleigh was doing was working as Ashleigh started to slowly succumb to the effects of the breastsmother. Ashleigh flashed back to the last time she was defeated in such a move and felt the same hopeless feeling she felt last time. Fear overcame Ashleigh as she worried that Keri would not get up when Ashleigh submitted, as Ashleigh remembered passing out under her last breastsmother when her opponent would not stop the move after hearing her submission.The more Keri kept pressing her chest together, the more Ashleigh's lungs ached for oxegyn as Keri did not hold back anything in her search for victory.Keri was enjoying this as much as Ashleigh was dreading it because Keri enjoyed seeing the larger chested woman succumb to her own massive mammaries. Despite feeling beaten Ashleigh kept on fighting however as something inside her willed her to fight on. Her actions were all for naught as Ashleigh slowly felt herself getting light headed from the lack of oxegyn. Ashleigh's energy waned as each second ticked in this deadly hold. Ashleigh's body started to show increasing fatigue as her arms and legs kept slowing down at an increasingly faster pace.Only Ashleigh's pride kept her going as she would not give up until all of her energy was spent. However, after about 3 minutes of fighting this hopeless cause Ashleigh's arms and legs faded to no movement at all as she just lay there totally defeated. Unconsciousness was fleeting for Ashleigh as she was near the point of passing out and barely had the strength to whisper her submission to her now obvious defeat. "No more, I am done," was all that Ashleigh could utter as she finally came to accept her humiliating defeat, only her second defeat to a woman using the breastsmother as her finishing move.

Keri stood up and put her foot on Ashleigh's chest, signifying her victory over her older rival. Ashleigh was barely conscious as she looked up and saw Keri's arms up in victory. Ashleigh felt the sting of a defeat in a very humiliating manner as it was the most personal of in your face losses one could absorb. Ashleigh knew the move from both the victor as well as the losing side and hated losing while under her opponent's large chest. To make matters worse, it was then that Ashleigh realized that Keri could claim the championship of their wrestling group since she had defeated the groups top two wrestlers in her and Deb. Ashleigh knew she would have to earn a title shot by beating Deb, a match-up she was dreading but now realized must come true for Ashleigh to earn the right to be queen of their little wrestling world again.

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