Mixed Wrestling Story - Office Battle

Office Battle

Brandy loved her new job but her boss. Jason at 55 years old, never did learn respect or how to treat women. A portly man at 5’7” and 200lbs, he would often make wise cracks and sometime slap ladies at the office on the butt. He was the boss and women stood for it.

Jason took a particular “interest” in Brandy. Her looks were sensational… 5”10”, long auburn hair, strong former athlete’s legs and she always dressed nicely. At 42, she looked every bit as good as she did at 20. But she was tiring of Jason’s incessant bullying. He knew it got to her so he delighted in pushing her buttons.

At the end of the day, Brandy went into Jason’s office to get a signature. He said, “hey gorgeous.. what do you want”? Brandy replied, “I just need a signature”. Jason asked, “what will you give me for it? I got some ideas”. She was not pleased, “just sign the damn purchase would you?”. Jason smirked and told her, “bring it”. Brandy went to his side of the desk and leaned down to give him the pen and the purchase order. When she did, Jason reached around behind her and grabbed her shapely ass. As he did it, he said, “now I am starting to be enthusiastic about signing”. Brandy told him, “get your hand off there or I’ll make you sorry”. Jason said, “touchy touchy” but didn’t removed his hand. In fact, he slide his chair closer and went to reach with his other hand.

Brandy couldn’t believe it and instinct took over. She elbowed Jason in the face. He was stunned… he pulled his hands back to his nose and said, “I think you broke it”. Brandy said, “don’t be such a wimp… a little blood is all”. Jason got beat red and exclaimed, “nobody gets away with that”. Jason launched himself at Brandy and they both feel backwards onto the couch next to the desk.

This time, Brandy was stunned. Before she knew what was happening, Jason scrambled and was straddling her. He got her wrists, pinned them to the couch and sat heavily on top of her. Brandy knew she was in trouble with the position she was in. Jason’s weight on her belly was not comfortable. Jason looked down at her and said, “who do you think you are”. Brandy yelled back, “who do you think you are? You run around here thinking you can do whatever you want”. Brandy planted her feet on the couch and tried to buck upwards to roll him off. But it was not working. Jason laughed and told her he was going to sit here waiting for security, he’d wait all night if he had to. Brandy wished security would come and get Jason off of her. But she had no idea when that might happen.

Jason sat upright and just at that moment, Brandy swung her legs up and smashed her heels around Jason’s face. He struggled to stay on top but her legs were too powerful. Brandy pulled him back with legs as Jason was reaching to try to pry them off. She then rolled him sideways and landed on the floor with a thud. Jason got to his hands and knees as Brandy sprang up from the couch. She straddled his back and put him in a head lock. She growled, “you are going to wish security was here to save you.. but they are not!”.

Jason was struggling with the headlock as Brandy put it tighter, cutting off his oxygen. His face was turning a bright red. She asked, “do you like that”? He grimaced a reply of, “let go you bitch”. Brandy started to pull Jason backwards and when they feel to the ground, she wrapped her legs around his waist. With her headlock and now the scissors, he was in real trouble. He couldn’t tell which was worse… being choked or the intense pressure of her legs. He was really surprised by her strength.

Brandy let go of his head and slide a little bit sideways. This enabled her to get leverage to apply an even tighter waist scissors. Jason yelled as he didn’t not know the pressure exerted here legs could get worse. Every muscle in her shapely legs was bulging with exertion. Jason pulled at legs but he couldn’t get them to budge. Brandy laughed as she asked, “come on Jason… aren’t you going to call me a name now”? His predicament was very funny to her. Jason, said, “ok… ok… you win… just let me go”. But she wasn’t done just yet.

In one quick move, Brandy released the scissors and crash landed her butt onto Jason’s chest as she got him in a pin. She got his arms and pinned them to the floor with her knees. Brandy looked down at Jason and told him, “this is a great opportunity for you to learn a lesson”. He struggled to twist her off him but he was too tired and weak. After about 30 seconds of struggling, he laid still with Brandy sitting on his chest. Jason began to wonder what would come next.

Realizing Jason was pretty much done, she smiled and undid his tie. She tied one end of it to Jason’s left wrist and the other to the sofa leg. Brandy was wearing a braided belt with the removed. She leered at Jason, and asked, “you know what I am going to do with this don’t you”? Jason said, “get the hell off me damn it”. With that, Brandy used her belt to tie his other wrist to the couch leg. She then sat upright and announced, “I am going to sit here until security comes… all night if I have to!”. Jason knew there was nothing he could do stop her and said, “ok you win”.