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Kelly was furious. She had warned Lynette in the past to stop flirting with her boyfriend, but for some reason she just wouldn't listen. Kelly was walking down the long hallway leading to Lynette's dorm room. The adrenaline rush began as she anticipated, and also looked forward to, a physical confrontation with Lynette. Kelly stood in front of the closed door and knocked loudly. As the door began to open, Lynette cautiously peered out. Seeing who was in the hallway, Lynette tried to push the door closed. But Kelly pushed it back with her hands and quickly forced it open. She strutted confidently into the room.

"What are YOU doing here?" Lynette asked Kelly, seemingly very surprised to see her.

Kelly closed the door behind her and locked the deadbolt. She walked towards Lynette.

"You know why I'm here.." Kelly said with a stern tone in her voice. "I told you to stay away from my boyfriend, but you wouldn't listen!"

Lynette stepped back as Kelly moved towards her.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Lynette replied nervously. "I didn't do anything to him."

Standing right in front of Lynette now, Kelly reached out and gave her a hard shove, pushing her back even further.

"Don't lie to me you bitch!" Kelly threatened her. "I know what you did!"

Kelly quickly grabbed hold of Lynette and wrapped her arm around her neck. She pulled Lynette's head down to her side and held her in a tight headlock.

"Let go of me!" Lynette yelled, as she tried to break free of the headlock. Lynette suddenly stumbled and lost her balance, making it that much easier for Kelly to drag her down to the floor.

Lynette seemed stunned as she found herself laying on her dorm room floor, with Kelly directly on top of her.

"Get off!" Lynette yelled, as she managed to roll to her stomach while trying to squirm out from underneath Kelly.

Releasing the headlock, Kelly quickly got up to her knees astride Lynette's back. She took hold of Lynette's wrists and held them down to the floor. With Lynette on her stomach, Kelly sat her ass down onto the small of Lynette's back.

"I'm gonna make you wish you NEVER met my boyfriend!" Kelly warned the trapped girl beneath her.

Kelly got to her knees again and began to turn Lynette over to her back while continuing to straddle her. Lynette tried to struggle, but she seemed to be in a state of shock by what was happening to her. It was all happening so quickly, and before she realized it, Kelly had her rolled over and trapped on her back. Lynette tried to reach up to the girl on top of her, but Kelly grabbed her wrists tightly in her hands and pressed them down to the floor next to the sides of her head. Kelly sat down hard onto Lynette's stomach.

"MMffff!!" Lynette groaned. " of me!"

"No!" Kelly replied, as she smiled down into Lynette's face. Kelly slid forward a little and put her knees onto Lynette's shoulder's, pinning them securely to the carpeted floor of the dorm room. "I'm not moving until you decide to stop flirting with my boyfriend, you stupid bitch!"

Lynette glared up at Kelly.

"If you don't get off of me RIGHT NOW," Lynette threatened the girl sitting on her, "I"m gonna scream!"

Kelly quickly moved forward a little more. Her knees slid over Lynette's shoulders and came to rest on the floor just a few inches away from the sides of the trapped girl's head. Pinning Lynette's shoulders beneath her shins now, she released Lynette's wrists. As she sat astride Lynette's breasts, she reached down and covered Lynette's mouth with the palm of her hand.

"OK," Kelly smiled. "Go ahead and scream. I don't care."

"MMMffff!! MMMfff!!", was all Lynette could manage as Kelly's hand completely covered her mouth.

With her other hand, Kelly grabbed a fistful of Lynette's hair and began tugging at it.

"MMMfff!!!!!" Lynette moaned again as Kelly yanked at her hair.

"Are you gonna be quiet?" Kelly asked the girl trapped beneath her, "Or should I rip your hair out?"

Lynette's eyes were wide with fear as she stared up at Kelly. She was suddenly silent.

Kelly released Lynette's hair, and removed her hand from the pinned girl's mouth. She clenched a fist and held it threateningly just an inch above Lynette's nose.

"If you even THINK about screaming," Kelly warned her, "I'll punch you in your face, understand?"

Lynette submissively placed her hands onto the tops of Kelly's knees as she meekly looked up at her.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Lynette seemed to whimper to the girl sitting on her.

Kelly put her hands onto her thighs and glared down into the face of the girl pinned to the carpet beneath her.

"Because you keep flirting with my boyfriend!" Kelly replied. "I keep telling you to stop, but you just don't listen, do you?"

Lynette suddenly began squirming around as she tried to slide her shoulders out from under Kelly's shins. For an instant Kelly seemed to lose her balance, but she quickly regained her composure.

"Oh no you don't!" Kelly said, as she took hold of Lynette's wrists again, moving the pinned girl's hands off of her knees. She leaned forward a little, and pressed Lynette's wrists back down to the floor next to her head as Lynette continued to squirm.

"Get off of me!" Lynette pleaded, as she struggled beneath Kelly.

Kelly began sliding up even more forward on Lynette's squirming body until she felt Lynette's chin pressing into the crotch of her white shorts. Kelly brought her knees in and clamped the sides of Lynette's head firmly between her bare inner thighs. Kelly quickly sat more upright as she straddled Lynette's throat and neck. She held Lynette's wrists tightly in her hands up near her thighs as Lynette's shoulder's remained pinned beneath her lower shins.

"Now I've got ya'", Kelly smiled, as she looked down into Lynette's face which was framed perfectly between her thighs.

Lynette's body suddenly became motionless. Her legs extended straight out across the floor. She was afraid to move. She seemed almost terrified at being in this very submissive and erotic position beneath Kelly.

"Please..." Lynette begged the girl sitting on her, "Please.... move back.... please?"

"No way bitch!" Kelly replied quickly, obviously enjoying her very dominating position astride the girl trapped beneath her. "I think I'm just going to sit here like this for awhile. I'm very comfortable."

Kelly released Lynette's wrists, and she put her hands onto her hips as she looked down into Lynette's face.

Lynette could barely stand it. She placed her hands onto the tops of Kelly's thighs as they continued to press against the sides of her head.

"Please..." Lynette begged Kelly again, as her chin pressed against the crotch of Kelly's white shorts with every word she spoke. "Move...back."

"I just told you," Kelly replied, teasing the girl trapped beneath her. "I'm not going anywhere."

Lynette was helpless. And there was nothing she could do about it. Her face was one of complete frustration and embarrassment as her head was held securely between Kelly's inner thighs.

"Come on.." Lynette continued to beg. "Please move back..."

"What's wrong?" Kelly teased her. "You don't like me sitting on you?"

"No!" Lynette replied quickly. "Get off of me!"

Kelly smiled as she looked down into Lynette's face. The girl beneath her looked so submissive as she lay still on her back. Kelly moved her hands off of her hips and lightly took hold of Lynette's wrists as Lynette's hands continued to rest on the tops of her thighs.

"Just so you know.." Kelly began to warn her. "If you ever flirt with my boyfriend again, I'm gonna come find you and sit on you again, understand?"

"Yes...OK.." Lynette replied reluctantly. "I'll leave him alone.... Will you PLEASE get off me now?"

Kelly continued looking down into Lynette's face between her inner thighs.

"No...." Kelly replied. "...I don't think so. Not just yet anyway. I like it here."

"Damn you!" Lynette said with much frustration. "Get off of me!!"

Kelly just ignored the girl beneath her as she continued to enjoy her dominating position astride Lynette's throat and neck. And she knew that there was nothing Lynette could do about it.

Lynette couldn't even look up at Kelly anymore. She eventually closed her eyes as she lay trapped beneath her, and completely at her mercy.

After a good twenty minutes or so of holding Lynette's head tightly between her inner thighs, Kelly began to slowly slide back. Lynette finally opened her eyes as she felt Kelly's weight shifting on her.

Lynette watched in silence as Kelly made herself comfortable astride her stomach. Kelly's knees were pressing on her shoulders now, and her wrists were being held to the floor next to the sides of her head as Kelly's hands gripped them tightly.

"Are you tired of me sitting on you bitch?" Kelly asked the trapped girl beneath her.

"Yes..." Lynette mumbled. "Please let me up, ok?"

Kelly smiled as she quickly slid her knees in and pressed them into Lynette's cheeks.

"OOWWW!" Lynette moaned.

"Just make sure you don't get any more ideas of flirting with my boyfriend," Kelly warned her as she began to grind her knees against Lynette's cheeks, distorting her facial features.

"Stop it!" Lynette cried out. "You're hurting me!"

Kelly began laughing as she looked down into Lynette's face.

"You think this hurts?" She smiled, as she pressed her knees harder into Lynette's cheeks. "If I have to come back here, you'll REALLY know what pain is, you bitch!"

"OOOOWWWW!!!" Lynette yelled. "Stop!... Please!"

Kelly spread her knees away from Lynette's cheeks and rested them on top of her shoulders again. She released Lynette's wrists and put her hands onto the tops of her thighs.

"I guess you had enough for today." Kelly smiled, as she looked down into Lynette's face. She slowly crawled off of Lynette and got up to her feet. Standing next to Lynette as she remained on her back, Kelly placed her foot lightly onto Lynette's throat.

"Aaagghh!" Lynette moaned, as she looked up at the girl towering next to her.

"Don't make me have to come looking for you again!" Kelly warned Lynette, before removing her foot from the defeated girl's throat.

Lynette continued to lay outstretched on her back, whimpering quietly now, as Kelly confidently walked towards the door.

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