Catfight in the Office

Tough Day at the Office

Jessica and Tina just did not get along, which is common among women in most office settings. The tension had been building for quite some time. Everybody on the staff knew it was coming, they just did not know just when.

Tina is a proper lady of 42 years and Jessica is an ambitious lady of 28. Tina felt as if Jessica was trying to undermine her and did not appreciate her authority. Jessica had a temper and while smart, often would let it show. Many in the office did not particularly like Jessica, but they wouldn’t say it to her face. Jessica was into kickboxing and pretty athletic. Nobody really thought she’d get physical, but no one wanted to confront, until Tina did.

Jessica and Tina were arguing about the report that Jessica did. Jessica leaned over the desk and called Tina a “hack” right in front of a new employee and with everyone else in ear shot. Tina really had had it. She walked around the desk and got right in Jessica’s face. Pointing up at Jessica, who stands 5’10” and 145lbs to Tina’s 5’5” and 120lbs, she said, “one more time like that and I’ll have HR come and remove you!” Jessica snapped, “what you can’t do it yourself?”

With that, Tina punched Jessica right in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her. Jessica doubled over in stunned disbelief. Realizing what she had done, Tina figured she had better get busy before Jessica started a comeback. She grabbed Jessica by the shoulders and drove her to the floor, landing on top. Now people around the office were starting to walk over. Tina pressed her hands on to Jessica’s shoulders and jumped to a sitting position on Jessica’s belly, landing as hard as she could. Jessica let out an “oomph” as Tina’s butt crashed down on her. Tina immediately grabbed Jessica’s wrists in effort to pin them to floor. Jessica struggled and was strong, but Tina had the advantage and got her wrists pinned to the floor. Jessica couldn’t believe she was pinned by the smaller, older lady. But while Tina is older, she is still fit and had gotten into a few scraps in college.

Now there was a crowd around. Jerry started to walk towards them, but was stopped by others, particularly other women in the mostly female staff, who said “let them have it out.”

Jessica looked up at Tina and blurted, “get the hell off of me.” Tina looked down at her and said, “this is your own damn fault. Your attitude is total crap.” Tina got her knees on top of Jessica’s shoulder and placed her hands on her hips. Jessica called a fat old bitch. Tina gave her a stinging slap and Jessica yelled. Knowing that was in trouble, Jessica bucked upward knocking Tina sideways and onto the floor. Tina wasn’t ready for it. Jessica rolled onto Tina, but Tina kept the momentum going flung Jessica onto her side. Both women got to their knees and grabbed each other’s hair. Jessica let one hand free and gave Tina a punch to the eye, knocking her onto her back. Jessica sprung at her, but Tina caught her with her legs around Jessica’s waist.

Tina began to squeeze as hard as she could. Jessica found the pain to be extraordinary and tried to pull her legs off of her. But Tina’s scissor hold was unrelenting. Jessica punched at Tina’s belly. The first one got her pretty good, but she used her hands to block the others that Jessica tried. She managed to catch Jessica’s wrists to keep her from any more swinging. Now Jessica was really trapped and Tina found some more strength with which to tighten her scissors. From her back, she was controlling the bigger girl. Jessica tried to twist and writhe, but it wasn’t working and the scissors were taking a real toll as she used up her strength to break free. In one last ditch effort, she flung herself backwards, but Tina kept her hold on her wrists and came upward with Jessica. In one fluid motion and using the momentum, she put her feet on the ground and pushed forward knocking Jessica onto her back and landing on top.

Tina quickly sprang upward again and crash landed her butt on top of Jessica’s belly, while keeping hold of her wrists. Jessica used her legs to try to buck her off, but Tina was ready this time. She stayed low and rode it out. When the bucking and twisting stopped, Tina knew that Jessica was pretty much done, she sat upright on Jessica’s lower belly, pinned her arms with her knees and placed her hands on her hips. Jessica couldn’t believe that this older, smaller woman had her pinned flat to the ground.

Jessica said, “get the hell off of me.” Tina was enjoying her dominance of the younger lady and keeping her pinned. She asked, “So how much good is that kicking boxing doing? It isn’t stopping me from sitting on you is it.” Jessica said, “if we had squared off, I would knock you out!” Tina laughed and looked down at her and said, “but Jessica, we started from a standing position and now you are down here.” The other women in the office were enjoying Jessica’s predicament.

Just to irritate Jessica, Tina started to bounce her butt on top of Jessica’s stomach, each time landing with a thud and Jessica letting out an “oomph.” Jessica was having a really bad day at the office. Jessica again got out the words, “get off me you bitch” being interrupted by the butt drops.

After a few more really heavy ones, Tina sat still on Jessica and grabbed her by the face to make her look up at her. Jessica starred into the face of her nemesis sitting on top of her. Tina spent about 5 minutes going over the rules of the office and the proper attitude expected of her. Finally Jessica agreed and said politely, “please get off of me.” The office cheered as Tina stood up.