TV Catfight

Rachel vs Manuela

The Price is Right set is normally free of drama, but there has always been a bit of tension bubbling up under the surface between the models. A few arguments with a little pushing and shoving, but none came to a catfight until Rachel and Manuela were both having a bad day. All of the models are subtly competitive with much of that involving Manuela as she draws plenty of attention with her obvious beauty. It finally boiled over.

Manuela knocked down a row of products and a bottle of juice fell and exploded onto to Rachel’s shoes. She maintained decorum but whispered to Manuela, “clumsy oaf.” Annoyed she said, “It was an accident you bitch.” Rachel kept a smile on her face as the cameras rolled but couldn’t believe the insolence from a junior model.

As soon as they got back stage, Rachel grabbed Manuela by the shoulder and spun her around so that she had to look into her face. Rachel spewed, “don’t you ever call me a bitch and you are the oaf who spilled the table.” Manuela slapped Rachel’s hand off her shoulder and said, “You had better knock it off.” Growing up, Manuela had gotten into some catfights before and being a bit younger and heavier, had some advantage and wouldn’t let herself be intimidated. Rachel jabbed a finger into Manuela’s chest and said, “Just watch your ass.” Then she turned to walk away.

Not satisfied, Manuela grabbed Rachel by her belt to keep her from getting away. Rachel turned and slapped Manuela. Not to be outdone, Manuela said, “alright bitch, you wanna catfight, you got it” as she punched Rachel low in the stomach. Rachel doubled over as Manuela got to her side and put her in a head lock. The taller lady reached her arm around, grabbed Manuela by her long black hair and yanked. This caused Manuela to release the headlock and reach for her hand wrapped in her hair.

Rachel kept the momentum going and took Manuela to the ground landing on top of her. Manuela was struggling to get Rachel’s hand out of her hair and the taller lady off of her. She bucked sideways and they rolled over and rover until she was on top. From there, Manuela twisted Rachel’s hands out of her hair. Manuela got some short slaps in. From the bottom, Rachel got a headlock on Manuela to keep her from getting to a sitting position. Manuela kicked her legs sideways to have leverage and broke Rachel’s head lock. Both ladies scrambled to a kneeling position, but Manuela was faster.

Manuela delivered two quick slaps to Rachel's face and followed that up with two heavy stomach punches, knocking the wind out of her.

Manuela then hauled Rachel to the floor and sat astride her stomach. Rachel tried to shove her off but did not have the strength. Manuela seized her wrists and shoved them to the ground by Rachel's head. Rachel tried to twist and buck but Manuela used her balance to stay seated on top of her. Manuela bounced her ass on top of Rachel's belly with Rachel letting out an “oomph” with each thud. This quickly weakened her and Rachel stopped thrashing.

Manuela pinned Rachel’s arms with her knees, sat upright and adjusted herself to a comfortable sitting position. Rachel couldn’t believe she was stuck pinned to the ground with the shorter and heavier model sitting on her stomach. Rachel though to herself that Manuela sure felt heavier than she looked.

Manuela looked down at her and said, “Who is clumsy now!” Rachel yelled, “Get off me you cow!” Manuela laughed and bounced her sexy ass onto Rachel's belly a few more times to stop her insolence and enjoyed the discomfort Rachel experienced with each “oomph.” In between landings, Rachel forced out, "Just get the hell off me. What are you two years old!" Manuela remined Rachel that she started it and this is what she gets for picking a fight.

Manuela continued sitting on her, enjoying her dominance over the taller blonde. She finally grabbed Rachel's face to make sure she was looking up at her and said, "Don’t you ever call me clumsy again or you'll be right back here." Rachel not in a position to argue agreed. Then Manuela told her to admit she lost. Rachel said, “Fine.. fine.. fine.. you win.” Manuela smiled and then got up.

Rachel also stood up and both ladies adjusted their hair and clothes just in time to get back out on camera for the next game.