Catfight School Girl Pin

School Girl Pin Contest

My girlfriend Rita is a playful pretty 34 year old Italian woman. She has curly shoulder length black hair, olive skin and big brown eyes. She is buxom 5'10", 175 lb woman with a very sexy hour glass figure. Her friend from work Kathy is 55yo, 5'6" and 135lbs. She has flaxen blondish hair and is of English desecnt and is quite cute. One night Kathy was over my house and we where drinking and shooting the breeze when I spilled the beans on my fetish. Of course Rita knew all about it but it came as a surprise to Kathy who apparently never heard of a "school girl pin" fetish but seemed excited about it. In my devious mind I was trying to think up of a way to get them to sit on each other when it hit me...a contest. The rules where simple; I would pay the winner $50 if they lasted longer in the sgp position but both had to strip down to their panties. It would be a two out of three match.

Rita seemed quite excited about the idea and wanted to start immediately as she slipped out of her skirt, blouse and shoes. Sitting on the sofa with a sensual and a little bit bashful smile in just her full pantyhose. "Do I look ok?" she said in a girlish voice with one of her legs crossed dangling her foot. Although shy at first we teased Kathy into stripping down to her sexy pink panties. Despite her age, she worked out at the gym a lot and had a nice body. Both girls where a little tipsy from the wine which worked to my advantage of course! I explained to them that besides the sitting they could tickle their opponent if they wanted too. We flipped a coin to decide who would go first and Rita won.

Poor Kathy had to lay on her back in the middle of the living room floor as my girlfriend mounted her and applied a classic sgp. Rita's meaty ass was sitting directly on the older woman's firm but small tits as she placed her hands on her hips and sat back. It was very exciting the view from the back to see my girls shapely ass sitting on Kathy. It was obvious about three minutes into the contest Rita's weight was taking a toll as the older woman's face was quite red and her breathing labored; she could only say a few words than gasp...mmmff. Rita said she could feel Kathy's heart pounding very heavily as she sat on her chest. Kathy said she could feel it in her ears because it was beating so loud and wildly. Rita wondered if it was because Kathy was getting sexually excited about the position, she certainly was, or because the heavy weight on her chest was causing it. She said she could feel Kathy's rib cage flex and buckle down a little and she told Kathy she felt her heavy weight pressing right on her heart and that may be causing the palpitations . Rita asked if she was hurting her friend and asked if she wanted her to move to her tummy or get off and Kathy just gasped "no" but she felt kinda queasy in her chest. Rita could only smile and say that she was a heavy girl and not surprised that Kathy felt queasy or her heart was beating fast.

I think Rita knew on some level Kathy liked this and she was getting sexually excited too. In a way, Kathy seemed submissive and accepting her position until the weight made her surrender. However, the older woman lasted to the 5 minute and 45 second mark before giving up; we where both impressed. My girl was a little sassy and teased Kathy and didn't want to let her up for a while as she moved up and sat nearly on her neck for a minute or two and pressed the moist pantyhose crotch into the older blond's nose as she reached back to tickle her tummy. It was very obvious Rita was becomming aroused as she applied the sgp on Kathy.

She did muscle poses while teasing and tickling Kathy and again said she felt Kathy's heart racing loudly and described it as a vibrating sensation under her very sexy pantyhose covered ass. You got that queasy feeling?; I'm sitting heavily on your chest again, I think you like this Rita said with a smile looking down at her friend....I think you like that queasy sensation in your chest with me sitting this way... I got my weight on your heart, you like also like me squishing your tits down sexy Rita continued. Her huge muscular thighs had the English woman's head trapped like in a vise. Poor Kathy could only look up at Rita's pretty face smiling down at her. She could also see the younger womans ample tits hanging over her. All the time Kathy's breathing was quite labored as Rita's shapely ass continued to sit heavily on the older woman's breast. It has been another close to six minutes where the smaller Kathy had to endure the weight of the voluptous Italian woman. Finally, Kathy groaned between the "mmfff's" that she felt sick as Rita continued to sit heavily making it really difficult to breath. Up to this point, we both felt Kathy really enjoyed being on the bottom as she was obviously having a fun time too and was excited but now the weight was really too much for her. Rita smiled and took a little weight off but continued to sit on her chest for another 3 minutes or so as I could tell she really enjoyed doing this to her friend. The older woman continued to to grunt she felt queasy and sick as I watched my girl's beautiful ass do its work.

I could see especially from the backside that Rita was still sitting heavily and the older woman's lungs was heaving for air. Finally, sassy Rita said she would get off, if Kathy would kiss her foot. After being sat on for over 15 minutes, poor Kathy was relieved of her victor's weight, well almost. Sexy Rita could not help pressing her nylon clad foot heavily on Kathy's sore chest between her tits and doing a victory pose. Next, Rita stepped up and was standing full weight with one foot on the center of Kathy's chest and the other resting lightly on her face while holding on to the wall for balance. She made the crushed older woman smell and kiss her foot. I could see the older woman's neck veins bulge as Rita's 175 lbs pressed down her sternum and ribcage. Kathy could only grunt as she kissed the bottom of Rita's nylon covered foot. Rita looked very sexy with her voluptous hour glass figure standing on poor Kathy who could barely breath. After about a half a minute or so the younger woman stepped off her chest,.. what a victory it was! To see Rita trample her friend underfoot almost made me come my shorts. Kathy was flattened and sensually dominated and for the most part was enjoying this play by the look on her face but needed a couple of minutes to recover from being steam rolled!

courtesy of Red Wolf