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The Sister in Law

My life will never be the same. I now live like a man haunted and hunted by a dark secret, a secret that keeps me in the power of another. Her power over me is so complete that I dare not challenge her, for she is the only one who knows what ... what happened that day at the beach house.

I am ... or at least was a happily married man who got along quite well with my in-laws. All except for Julie, that is. Julie is married to my wife's brother and she is the loudest, most uncouth and uneducated woman ever to jump out of the trailer park and into a man's bank account. Everyone knows that she only married my wife's brother for his money; what no one can figure out is why in the world he married her.

My wife and I had become so fed up with her that we started ridiculing her behind her back at every opportunity, making jokes when she wasn't looking. We thought it was harmless fun for us, as she was too dumb to ever notice...or so I thought.

Last month when all of the families were vacationing together at a beach house in the Carolinas, I had decided to take a nap on the couch while everyone else was down at the beach. Just as I was drifting off,I heard the screen door open, followed by the unmistakable sound of Julie's heavy bare feet thudding on the oak floor. My god, I thought, she has all the grace and finesse of an elephant. I opened my eyes to see Julie moving across the floor wearing nothing but the gaudiest purple swimsuit I had ever seen. Good lord, I thought, it's ... it's a bikini!! Julie is 5'10" tall and weighs about 170lbs. She is certainly buxom. She is not particularly toned but somewhat attractive, at least in her bikini. Her milk white belly hung slightly over the waist band of her bikini bottoms.

As I lay with my eyes half-shut, pretending to be asleep while watching her, she continued to move closer to me from across the room. I fancied that I could feel the sofa vibrate gently with each approaching step as she came closer and still closer. She stopped when she was between the sofa and coffee table in front of me and slowly turned to face the table. Before I could even think, she bent slowly, and began rummaging through the candy dish on the table, searching for something in particular. I could see a few small, red hairs poking out from the inch-wide strip of material that disappeared in the crack of those cheeks and thought to myself, "well, I guess that answers the question about whether her hair is natural or dyed." I chuckled, despite myself, at what I though would send my wife into hysterical laughter when I told her this story. What a rube, I thought, what a white-trash, joke of a rube. I chuckled again, louder this time.

And Julie turned her head and looked right into my eyes. I saw a look there behind her librarian-style eyeglasses that gave me pause. It was only there for a second before being replaced by the cow-like look of indifference that she usually wore, but it gave me pause all the same. "Oh, hey," she said in her Alabama drawl, "didn't know you was awake."

She was still bent over at the table with her ass facing me, close enough to reach out and touch ("Why am I thinking this", I thought?) "Im just lookin' fer some a them reece's pieces. I know thar's some in here with these piddly li'l mints somewheres."

"Julie," I said with an annoyed tone, "Do you think you could point that thing somewhere else."

She glanced away from me to her ass, and then back again before straightening up. "Ya know, Pat," she said with a sigh, "lemme just show y'all what this 'thing' here can do."

And with a speed that I would never have granted her, she bent at the knees and sat down directly on top of my stomach, crushing the breath out of me in a rush of air that burnt my throat on the way out. The crush was unbelievable, as though someone had parked a bulldozer on my belly.

"Now," she slowly drawled, "let's jest us two talk over a few things here. I know you and yer ivy-league snoot of a wife thinks i'm real funny, a reg'lar hillbilly broad who don't know when others 'r laughin' at her. Well, lemme tell ya, boy. This gal ain't as dumb as she plays it, and she's real damn tired 'o y'all thinkin' you's so much better."

I used my arms and tried to push her off me but she caught her balance and before I knew it, she pinned my arms. Then slide up so that she was sitting on my chest and put her knees on my shoulders.

Enjoying my predicament, Julie started to bounce up and down on my chest. That landings were the toughest part and it was starting to make breathing difficult.

Julie looked down at me and said, "yal'll better stop tryin to struggle... I'll just make it worse for ya". With that, she slid backwards and sat down heavily on my stomach again.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. As she sat, her body slowly compressing me flatter and flatter into the sofa, I could feel the cushion springs give and give until there was no more cushioning, and I was crushed mercilessly beneath her weight.

"I thinks y'all needs a lesson in humility, Southern style. Now lemme see," she said, leaning back into the sofa, "what'll it be?" I could just through you on this here hard floor and stomp you with these here size 12s of mine until you're a puddle of goo." She raised her feet off the ground, and I groaned as even more weight pressed me flatter against the sofa bed. "or, I guess I could jest set here all day and squash your puny l'il body like a grape. That'll teach ya to laugh! But that might get a bit boring. No, I thinks I need to do somethin' special to make sure you never ... laugh...!"

And with each word she bounced her ass down on my stomach, squashing me relentlessly beneath her. After about 10 minutes of her alternating between bouncing on me and sitting still, letting her weight flatten more as she was sitting on my stomach, my wife walked in and was stunned. She exclaimed, "what is going on"? Julie got up and said, "me and your hubby were just coming to an understanding. If you don't watch it, we might have to do the same.