mixed wrestling stories : Special Delivery

Special Delivery

Morgan was having a bad day… it had been raining non stop, there was no end to the deliveries, all of the packages were very heavy, the directions did not match up with the streets… it was all going wrong. She wondered why she hadn’t stayed in college instead of dropping out. Delivering boxes for UPS just wasn’t getting it. She was nearing the end of a long day and wanted to workout and eat dinner… only delivery to go. Morgan was quite attractive… 5’10”, 140 shapely pounds, curly blonde hair… she looked outstanding in her brown uniform, particularly in the shorts on this warm early evening.

She pulled up to her last stop and heaved down the large box which must have been a decent sized TV. She knocked at the door and a man finally came to open it. Jerry was about 5’8” and stocky. He was a little pudgy but still in decent shape. He told Morgan, “come in and put down on the floor”. Morgan told him, “I am not supposed to do that… this thing is heavy… can you take it”? Jerry frowned and took the box with ease. With that, he kicked the door closed behind him.

Morgan knocked on the door and loudly said, “I need your signature”. She could see Jerry through the window pane and he was ignoring her. Morgan then kicked the door and shouted, “hey! Come and sign this”…. but still no reaction from Jerry. She tired the knob but it locked automatically. Running out of patience, Morgan started to kick the door full force while yelling, “HEY STUPID ASS. COME AND SIGN THE GOD DAMN ACCEPTANCE FORM!!” This finally got a reaction from Jerry.

He ripped the door open and got up into Morgan’s face. Jerry growled, “get the hell out of my doorway”. Then he grabbed her shirt to shove her. Morgan had enough.

She grabbed his wrist and belted him full force in the stomach with all of her weight behind it. Jerry was stunned and pretty had the wind knocked out of him. His eyes were as big as dinner plates. Not satisfied, Morgan cracked him across the jaw with a left. She then straightened him up and gave him a knee to the gut. Jerry realized he was in trouble and lunged forward to get out of the doorway where he couldn’t move his arms. But Morgan was ready.

As Jerry lunged forward, she side stepped him while holding onto his wrist. She got him into a side headlock and began to punish his face with upper cuts. But Jerry got an arm around Morgan’s waist and then got another onto her left leg. With that he picked her up off of the ground and then slammed her onto her back. Not sure what to do, Jerry then went to lunge onto her. But Morgan was ready and her legs where very strong.

She trapped him with her legs around his waist. Jerry first worked to get control of Morgan’s wrists but the squeezing became very intense. His lower ribs felt like they were popping in place. Jerry abandoned the idea of getting her arms and focused on trying to escape her scissors. He grabbed her ankles and tried to wrench her legs apart. But it was not working. Jerry was running out of steam and started to fall over onto his side.

As he fell, Morgan quickly and deftly moved her right leg up onto the side of Jerry’s head. She then got her left leg around the other side. With that, she locked her ankles behind Jerry’s head. He screamed in agony. He tried rolling over sideways but was powerless to escape from Morgan’s powerful head scissor. After writhing around hopelessly, Jerry yelled, “what the hell do you want from me”? The tablet was within arm’s reach and Morgan grabbed. She moved up and sat her but down hard onto Jerry’s chest and pinned his arms with her knees.

Morgan looked down at him and said, “you have to sign for the box… now do it or I will beat you senseless right here in your front yard.. are you right or left handed?”. “Right”, said Jerry. She took a pen from her pocket and shoved it in his right hand. For good measure, Morgan clapped him on the forehead with the tablet. She then took her knee off his right shoulder and let his arm up while she held the tablet pointed down at Jerry. “Sign line 19”, she commanded.

Jerry dutifully signed. Morgan took her pen placed it back in her pocket then looked down at Jerry and laughed. He could not believe he was here in the grass of his very own front yard with a UPS driver sitting on top of him. As he layed there, he began to wonder if any of the neighbors were watching his predicament. Morgan clapped him again on the forehead for good measure and told him, "the very next time someone shows up to make a delivery you do what they tell you and be polite about it.. especially if it's me!". Morgan then got up and headed back to the truck thinking that at least her day ended well.