Mixed Wrestling Stories - Spring Break Wrestling

Spring Break Wrestling

The girls from the soccer team had been drinking on and off throughout the day and they were starting to get a little crazy. This big Asian girl had been flirting with David and playfully teasing him for most of the afternoon, and tonight she was challenging him to have a wrestling match with her. She seemed very interested in David and this was quite obvious to the rest of the girls as well. Her friends called her Sandy. And Sandy was getting very drunk. She kept telling David that she could beat him and pin him easily in a wrestling match. And she made sure that her girlfriends from the soccer team knew this as well.

The sun had gone down and they were all on the beach. Six girls from the soccer team and six guys who were hanging out with them. Sandy's words were a little slurred. Everyone was still drinking and Sandy was even more persistent now in her wrestling challenge to David. David's friends were also encouraging him to wrestle the big Asian girl. David eventually gave in and decided to settle this once and for all.

Sandy was 5'8" tall and weighed a solid 145lbs. She was an attractive Asian girl with long black hair and was wearing a light blue bikini. David was just slightly taller, at 5'9" and weighed close to 150lbs. He was wearing a pair of swimming trunks.

The small group on the beach watched as Sandy and David stood up and faced each other in the sand. And before David realized what was happening, Sandy had charged him and quickly tackled him down into the sand. David found himself on his back with the big Asian bitch laying on top of him. It looked as if David was quickly going to lose this match and end up pined beneath Sandy, but after taking him down, Sandy wasn't doing much except laying on him and laughing almost hysterically. She was quite drunk. If she hadn't been, Sandy would have pinned David easily. She was a very solid and very athletic girl.

David pushed the cute Asian girl off of him and got up to his knees next to her. Sandy was laying on her side in the sand and David rolled her over to her back and quickly straddled her with his legs. He looked down into Sandy's face and she was still laughing but she wasn't fighting him at all. David took hold of her wrists and pressed them down into the sand next to the sides of her head and he sat down onto her flat stomach.

David looked down into Sandy's face as he sat on her and she was smiling up at him and still laughing a little. She did not resist him at all. As everyone watched, David slid up just a little more and placed his knees onto Sandy's biceps and pinned her arms down in the sand.

"I thought you could pin me." David said to Sandy.

"I can." Sandy replied quietly, her words slurred even more now. "Wait 'till I get... out of this..."

"You're not getting out of this." David said to the big Asian girl who he kept pinned in the sand. "I'm gonna keep you here all night."

As the other girls from the soccer team watched somewhat nervously now, David slid even more forward and made himself comfortable on Sandy's chest.

"MMMffff!!" The Asian girl moaned as David smashed her breasts down under his ass. With her shoulders pinned under his shins, David released her wrists and put his hands onto the tops of his thighs.

"I got you good, huh?" David teased Sandy.

Sandy slid her hands in and placed them on David's knees as he sat on her chest. She continued to smile up at David.

David slowly slid his knees in until his inner thighs were lightly pressed against the sides of Sandy's head. As he glanced down into her cute stuck face between his thighs, she continued to stare up at him with a smile on her face. She seemed to be enjoying herself as David sat on top of her breasts.

"Give up?" David asked Sandy.

"No!" Sandy quickly replied as she began to slide her legs around in the sand in a very feeble attempt to dislodge David from his dominating position astride of her. But David was getting the best of her. He rode her chest as Sandy tried to struggle a little more and he was not about to let her up until she submitted.

"Just give up and I'll let you go." David smiled down to Sandy's face between his thighs.

"No Way!" Sandy replied with a laugh. "You're gonna be so sorry."

"I don't think so." David smiled as Sandy continued to squirm around beneath him.

As Sandy struggled a little harder now, David found himself being forced more forward on the Asian girl until the crotch of his swimming trunks gently pressed against Sandy's chin. He had her good and she was completely at his mercy. The other girls began encouraging Sandy to struggle harder against David, but Sandy seemed somewhat content in her current and very submissive position beneath David. Her squirming body slowly came to rest and she looked up meekly at David who towered over her. And everyone who was watching could see that she was smiling and occasionally laughing. Sandy was enjoying herself and this seemed to reassure her friends from the soccer team that she was in no danger.

David was sitting just above Sandy's breasts, very high on her chest as his thighs pressed against the sides of her head. Sandy's shoulders were pinned tight beneath David's lower shins. Her hands were resting on the tops of David's thighs as she continued to smile up at him. Sandy's chin lightly brushed against the crotch of David's swim trunks. Sandy's breathing was somewhat labored now, but outside of that she didn't seem as if she was in any discomfort. If she was, she certainly wasn't showing it.

"Give up yet?" David asked Sandy as he looked down into her cute face between his thighs.

"No." Sandy meekly replied somewhat defiantly as she lay motionless beneath him.

David began to slowly slide back on Sandy until he got comfortable sitting just below her breasts. He kept her arms pinned as his knees pressed onto her biceps.

"I'm not letting you up until you give." David smiled. His weight settled onto Sandy's mid-section as he kept the big Asian girl pinned securely in the sand. Sandy slid her hands in and placed them on David's knees which continued to press somewhat hard on her biceps. Sandy was smiling and laughing a little and didn't seem as if she was in any hurry to give up.

David put the palms of his hands onto the sides of Sandy's face against her cheeks as he sat on her. She was still smiling up at him.

"Maybe you'll give up if I bitch-slap you a little?" David suggested to the big Asian girl.

"Don't you dare!" Sandy mumbled as she lay motionless on her back in the sand.

As David sat on her, he began to lightly pat Sandy's cheeks with the palms of his hands.

"Stop it!" Sandy laughed as she slowly moved her head from side to side as she tried to avoid the light slaps to her face.

With his knees still pinning Sandy's biceps to the sand, David continued to slap the cheeks of the cute Asian girl's face.

"Just give up." David smiled as he teased her. "You know you lost."

"Ok!.. Ok!.." Sandy replied, finally surrendering to David. "I give! You win."

"If I wasn't... so drunk," Sandy smiled, "I'd.. kick your.. ass."

As the other girls and the guys on the beach watched, David continued to sit on Sandy for a few more minutes. He kept his knees pressed on Sandy's biceps to keep her arms pinned. Sandy was motionless and she was very submissively smiling up at David. She knew that she had been beat, and she also knew that she was at his mercy. And Sandy appeared to like this very much.

David eventually got off of the big Asian girl and let her up. But this wasn't over. As Sandy lay in bed later that night and slowly sobered up, her breasts began to ache a little from when David sat on them before, and her biceps were bruised from where David pinned them with his knees. Sandy knew that she had to get him back for this. She was looking forward to it.

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