wrestling with a dominatrix


I usually enjoy semi-competitive matches the most but I decided to try something different. I came across the web site of Mistress Erin. She is a lifestyle dominatrix who also does session wrestling. Mistress Erin is a hard body twenty something with fire red hair, various tattoos who stands 5’11” (with heels) and weighs 140lbs. I discussed my interest in wrestling with her and she told me she is not into competitive but will absolutely put me through my paces. She added, “You won’t escape my clutches until I am ready to let you move”. I was immediately excited about our session.


I went to her place where she has a full fledged dungeon. Mistress Erin opened the door and there she stood looking quite powerful, wearing a lace up leather corset, studded belt, heavy boots and leather gloves. She flashed a wicked smile and led me in. One room contains a well appointed set of mats, complete with padding on the walls (obviously the wrestling room). We made some small talk during I which I was sure to remain “respectful”. Finally, Erin asked, “Are you ready?” I nodded and then she commanded, “take off that ridiculous shirt and tie as well as those stupid pants”. I readily complied.


Erin bent and then charged at me, shoving her shoulder into my gut and wrapping her arm around my back. She continued pushing with her legs, ramming right up against the padded wall. It was surprisingly forceful. I started to push forward and she stepped out of the way while pulling my arm and tripping me at the same time. I went right to the ground landing on my chest. In an instant, she was on me bending my left arm behind my back. She asked, “Why did you think you could push me? You know that is going to cost you”. With that she bent my arm a little further.


In a deft move, Erin rolled me over and got her legs around my neck for a scissors. My left arm was also trapped up in her legs. My other was free but I did not have much in the way of leverage. Erin began to laugh at my predicament. I struggled and bucked, working up quite a sweat in the process. I was starting to pull out and got my arm free but then she twisted her legs so that it pulled my head to the left and she used her arms to get her body behind me. This gave her much better leverage with the scissors. I used my arms to try to pry her legs apart but it was not going to work. I rested for a second to try to think of what I would do next.


But then Erin quickly released the scissors and sprang forward landing on my chest. Before I knew what was happening, she got my legs and pulled backwards on them and trapped them under her arms. I was truly bent over and felt much like a ball. My arms were pretty much useless in this position. Erin moved back so that she was sitting over my face and also managed to push my legs further towards the ground in the process. She asked, “Do you like to breath? I told you I’d make you pay for trying to push me”. With that she lowered her weight onto my face. I was truly immobilized and after a bit, I muphled, “I give”. Erin laughed and then got up.


I got to my feet and it felt good to upright for a moment. She began to circle me, taunting me to lunge at her. I finally did and she tripped straight down to the floor, landing on my side. She stood waiting for me to get back up. As soon as I got to my knees, she rushed me, bearing me down to my back. I managed to roll her over and land briefly on top. But she bucked upwards throwing me over. She sat on top of me and quickly had my wrists pinned. I struggled and tried to roll sideways but I was pretty much caught. Erin pinned my shoulders with her knees as she sat on me. She grabbed my hair and slapped me a little bit with a leather gloved hand, laughing the whole time. She did however seem to tire of this and slid upwards so that she was sitting astride my chest. Erin then reached back for legs and bent me into another pretzel and moved her as over my face. I tried to roll but she sat her weight onto my face. She was laughing with wild amusement.


She let go of my legs which flopped to the ground. Erin flipped me over so that she was sitting astride my upper back. She then wrapped her legs around my head and tightened them as she pulled my arms upwards and towards her. There was just no escape. I said, “I give”.


This is pretty much how it went. Her holds and pins were quite tight and pretty much inescapable. After about 40 minutes, I was totally done. Mistress Erin found this quite amusing. As I was getting dressed in my “stupid shirt and tie”, Mistress Erin said, “you be good and come back the next time you are ready for another lesson”. I absolutely will.